Algae is removed from St Peter’s Pool

A specialist contractor removes algae from St Peter’s Pool in the Wellhead park. Although not harmful, the algae is unsightly and Bourne United Charities has taken the approach to remove it each year in a bid to control it.

Kevin Day, environmental adviser to Bourne United Charities, said: “Once the algae is established in any still water is is notoriously difficult to eliminate. In fact, there is no product or process that will absolutely guarantee its removal. At the minute we have barley straw rafts in place within the water which is one method of control, but with the heat we had in May and June this encouraged the algae to grow at an extraordinary rate to the point where the rafts had little or no visible impact. The charities will continue to explore other treatments and processes, that will hopefully one day result in a lasting solution.” Kevin Day cited in Stamford Mercury, 18 July 2020


Published by: Anna Rogers, August 2020