Kevin Day Remembered

A new tree has been planted on the Jubilee Meadow in memory of Kevin Day, who was Environmental Consultant to Bourne United Charities for over 12 years until his sudden and untimely death in May 2022. Kevin was responsible for all Environmental matters concerning BUC. An avid birdwatcher and naturalist he spent many hours in the park and was involved in turning the Jubilee Meadow from a farmers field into what it is today. Trevor Hollinshead, Chair of the BUC Estates Committee (pictured), said: “It was only fitting that BUC should decide to plant a tree in Kevin’s memory in the Jubilee Meadow. The tree chosen is a Ginkgo Biloba (maidenhair tree), in the autumn the large fan shaped leaves will turn clear yellow and when fully grown this tree will reach some  25m high. The tree was planted by Amanda Day Kevin’s widow (pictured), with other members of Kevin’s family present.”


Published by: Bourne United Charities | 21 April 2023