Application for Grant Aid

Please use this application form to apply for grant aid from Bourne United Charities. This form can be used by the applicant or by a third party on behalf of the applicant. If help is required to complete, please visit the Citizens Advice Bureau at Wake House.


    Please state your permanent place of residence?


    Please state where you intend to live?

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    If this form is completed by a third party, the applicant MUST STILL SIGN to give permission for BUC to contact and discuss the application with the third party

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    If this form is completed by a third party please give details

    Please be aware that BUC may need to verify financial information and make further enquiries to support your application. BUC has a duty to ensure the security of personal data. We will protect the information from unauthorised access, loss, manipulation, falsification, destruction or unauthorised disclosure.

    We will keep your data only for the purpose for which it was collected and only for as long as it is necessary, after which it will be deleted. For the full GDPR policy please refer to our website or email

    Please tell us what it is you need and why?

    Financial Information




    Please state any income you receive from the options below:



    Please state any income your Spouse/Partner receives from the options below:



    Please state any outgoings you have from the options below:


    Please state any outgoings your Spouse/Partner has from the options below:



    Please state how much you have in savings and investments.


    Please state how much your Spouse/Partner has in savings and investments.

    Please complete the form below so that we can get back to you as quickly as possible.

    Statutory criteria

    < 6 months6-12 months1-2 years2 years plus

    Information about the applicant's household

    Adult 1 (living in household)

    Working Full-timeWorking Part-timeUnemployed

    Adult 2 (living in household)

    Working Full-timeWorking Part-timeUnemployedN/A (if no other adult)

    012 or more


    Information about the applicant's financial situation

    More than £500/monthMore than £200/monthLess than £200/month

    More than £5000Between £2500 - £5000Less than £2500

    Evidence to support application