How can Bourne United Charities help?

Bourne United Charities has been helping the community for over 200 years

The main objective of the charity is for the relief of those in need and provision of social amenities to Bourne and the local area. A committee of 15 Trustees meets monthly at the Red Hall to make decisions about where funds should be spent.

If you are an individual in need we may be able to help, you can apply for;

  • a one off financial grant to help in difficult circumstances – In Need Application Form
  • a weekly financial payment known as ‘The Essex’
  • to live in an almshouse with 24 hour remote call assistance, close to the centre of Bourne.

If you are a local organisation or community group looking for support with a project then please download the Project Grant Application Form and let us know what you are doing – be specific about exactly what help you would like from BUC.

You can get in touch by phone, email or by post. See below for details.

How to get in touch with BUC:

Apply for Grant Aid

To apply for grant aid, download the In Need Application Form - you can apply directly or a third party can do so on your behalf.

Apply for a Project Grant

To apply for a project grant, download the Project Grant Application Form - local organisations, groups and charities may apply.

Apply for financial assistance - The Essex

To make enquiries or apply for financial assistance for those in need call 01778 422387 between 10am - 1pm Wednesday and Thursday or email